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Turning Into A Goat

In Chang-shu county of Jiang-su, there lived a butcher, Xue Qing-guan who slaughtered goats for a living. He was quite wealthy. Every morning, he would wake up at five o'clock to carry out his work. The poor animals would cry and scream in pain and these screams were simply unbearable to those who heard them. His friends and relatives tried to persuade him to change his job but he simply ignored them. In a total of ten years, the number of goats killed by him were countless.

The retribution for committing offences without feeling any remorse will definitely befall the offender. When Xue was about forty years old, he fell sick suddenly. After seeking the help of many doctors and taking medication for nearly half a year, he recovered. However, he had spent nearly all his money on his-treatment. Worst of all, his face had transformed into that of a goat, with protruding nose and mouth. He was very upset that he looked so horrible. He realized that this was the retribution for killing goats and henceforth he stopped killing again.

About a year later, he and his neighbour rented a boat to travel to Anhui to buy rice. He carried with him three hundred gold pieces. Unfortunately. he fell into the river and drowned. His family sent a coffin to bring back his body but they could not find it.

Goat is a type of animal which knows about love and righteousness. Just take a look at the young goat- it kneels below its mother's abdomen when feeding.

There was again a butcher living in Ben-zhou. One day, he tied a nanny goat which he was going to slaughter soon. Before he could kill it, he saw the young goat kneeling before him and cried tearfully. The butcher was so moved that he stopped killing goats from the day onwards.

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