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The Turtle Demanded To Have Its Life Replaced

In the Wu County of Jiang-su, there was a wealthy man who owned a lot of properties. He led an extravagant life and enjoyed partaking delicious food.

One day, he decided to hold a banquet. The cook went to the market and bought a huge turtle. When he was about to slaughter the turtle, it started to wept. The cook felt very sorry for the poor animal and pleaded with his master to release it.

However, the rich man was not concerned by the pitiful sight. Instead he got so agitated that he took a chopper and chop off the turtle's head. The turtle's head fell onto the ground but it suddenly hopped up onto the roof beam. Those who witnessed the incident were very shocked.

After cooking the meat with spices, the soup tasted really good. He divided it into two portions and gave one portion to his relatives while the second portion was served at the banquet. He also tasted a few pieces of the meat when he suddenly felt dizzy. The wealthy man hallucinated that the beam was covered with turtle's head. His family members brought him back his bedroom and again he complained about seeing more turtle's heads on his bed despite having a mosquito net. He murmured to himself: "Hundreds of turtles are feeding on my feet!" There was no cure for him; for three days, he screamed out in severe pain before he eventually died.

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