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The Cruel Man Fell To His Death In A Cauldron

During the Qing Dynasty, there was a butcher who lived in Lin-Qing County in Shandong. One day, he bought a bull for eight thousand taels of silver. The bull refused to follow him as it knew that it would be slaughtered. The butcher was so angry with the bull that he took out a whip and lashed at it. The bull tried to avoid the whippings and still refused to move. Finally, when it was too tired to resist, it followed the butcher home.

When they passed by a rich man's house, the bull saw the master and suddenly knelt before him and wept, as if it was seeking his help. When the rich man saw the poor animal, he felt very sorry and offered to pay the same price, that was eight thousand taels of silver, to save the bull. But the butcher refused to sell because he was angry at the bull for being so stubborn. He said: "This bull is very stubborn. I can only vent my anger by killing it!" The butcher refused to sell it even when the rich man increased his offer. When the bull heard about this, it gave up all hope, stood up angrily and followed the butcher home.

After slaughtering the bull, the butcher put the meat into the cauldron to cook. Then he went to sleep. The next morning, he woke up at five o'clock to taste the beef. When he did not return after a while, his wife was very concerned and went to take a look. To her horror, she found the butcher's body in the cauldron of beef soup, with the upper part already half-cooked.

Like all human beings, animals do not wish to die. When the butcher saw the frightened bull, he did not show any pity and instead got angry and vented his anger by killing it. By then, the hatred felt by the bull had greatly increased. With such a powerful sense of resentment, the retribution of hatred would surely befall on the man swiftly.

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