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The Retribution For Slaughtering Pigs

In Pai-tou district of He-fei County, in the province of Anhui, there was a butcher named Xuan-si who had been slaughtering pigs for more than twenty years. He was quite wealthy and owned three houses and a hundred acres of padi fields.

One morning, at about five o'clock, Xuan-si woke up to boil water before slaughtering the pigs. His wife also woke up at that time to go to the toilet. When she walked past the sty, she saw two women lying on the ground. She walked closer to have a better look and having confirm what she seen, she became very frightened. She told her husband about it and suggested: "This is a bad omen. From this moment onwards, you better change your job. Please do not slaughter pigs anymore." However, as Xuan-si did not heed her advice, the wife could not do anything except to throw the butcher's knife in the toilet. As Xuan-si could not find his knife, he was unable to slaughter any pigs on that day. Any way, he still did not feel any regrets for his past actions.

When Xuan's wife felt that her husband refused to listen to her advice, she asked her family members to talk to him about the division of their property so that she and her youngest son could move out of the house. After the separation, Xuan-si continued with his job as a butcher. When he had slaughtered all the pigs in his sty, his youngest son suddenly fell sick and died. Mrs Xuan was extremely upset that she quarreled with her husband the whole day. After the death of his youngest son, Xuan-si felt remorseful and decided to stop slaughtering pigs. Instead, he spent his time gambling, hoping to forget the sad event. Within a few years, he gambled away all his land and property.

Xuan-si was poor again and he had to return to his old occupation as a butcher. After continuing for about twenty days, he was struck down by a strange disease. Thick and smelly blood flowed out from his mouth and nose. He was covered with filth and he experienced such severe pain that he shouted out like a pig from morning till night. He suffered for more than a year before he finally died.

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