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Enjoying The Blessing Of A New Life

Long ago in Su-zhou, there was a man named Wang Da-lin. He was a very kind man by nature and had showed great concern towards all beings. Besides, he always bought animals to be liberated. Whenever, he saw children in the village playing tricks on the fish, birds, worms and other forms of life, he would try every means to discourage them from doing so. He would also give them money so that they could liberate lives too.

He would always say to the villagers: "We must nurture the minds of the young and teach them virtuous conduct like humanity, kindness and compassion so that they will know how to show concern towards all beings. We should discourage them from the bad practice of killing living beings." The children in the village all listened to his teaching. Even the elders respected him and would too follow his example.

One day, Wang fell seriously sick and was on the verge of dying. In a trace, he seemed to hear the following words: "In this life, you have accrued much merits and virtues by liberating lives, your age will be increased by three twelve-year cycles."

Following that, he recovered and lived long enough to see five generations of his descendants. He enjoyed much blessings. At the age of ninety-seven, he passed away peacefully.

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